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The Unlikely Queer Family at The Heart of the Moomins

For Penguin Features I wrote about queer family, Tove Jansson and what the Moomins means to me and other LGBTQ+ fans. 


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Skin Hunger

Published in There Will Always Be Nights Like This, the first anthology from Cipher Press, with any profits from the sale of the book donated to The Outside Project, London’s first LGBTQI+ homeless shelter.  


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Observations from the Tube Looking Out onto Baker Street Platform

Published in And We Pass Through — National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2019. The story was selected for the annual on the theme of "Doors".


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Published in Token Magazine's third issue on the theme of love. A look at finding queer representation in fan ficiton. 



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Mr Hilbert's Grand Hotel

Published in Fireword's eighth issue on the theme of 'escape'. This short story is a humorous look at a curious mathematical thought experiment and also being that one guy stuck in a crappy job.


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Why is a cross a kiss?

Published in 404 Ink's fourth issue on the theme of 'ink'. Why is a cross a kiss? is a meditation on language, crushes and kisses. 

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What Tove Taught Me

Published on Dear Damsels, What Tove Taught Me is a piece of creative non-fiction exploring Tove Jansson's novel Fair Play and her lessons on life, love and creativity.


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I Have My Mother's Eyes

Published by Jellyfish Review as part of their 'Lady Monsters' season — an update on one of the most notorious female monster myths and turns the gaze back on to the world we find ourselves in today.

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She Takes Her Tea Black

Published in the inaugural issue of Salome Magazine, a story written in several short snapshots about what happens to the objects we value when a relationship is over, about how much an object can represent of a person and what it means when they are left behind.


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Cup of Tea

I Hope This Email Finds You Well

Published in Popshot Magazine's issue on 'hope' and inspired by that inane and empty phrase so often used in the corporate world of emails and the idea of hope as a choice one makes to believe in a better and brighter outcome.

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A response to Flight Journal’s third issue centred around the theme of the city, isolation and togetherness. A quiet, playful story on what it means to share a living space within the confines and limitations of the city.

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You Do Not Think of Us But We Think of You

Published in Serverine Lit Magazine's fourth issue on 'heroes' — partly inspired by Werner Herzog's Cave Of Forgotten Dreams — You Do Not Think of Us But We Think of You is an exploration of the traces left behind from people long ago.

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Kid's Drawing

Do You Remember When We First Met?

Published on Dear Damsels for their theme on 'Remembrance' — a flash fiction for my best friend whom I’ve known for forever — a musing on the essence of memory, the stories we like to tell ourselves and first meetings.


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