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Get in Trouble by Kelly Link

There’s tons to admire in Kelly Link’s short stories: her world building and characterisation are all on point – she tells stories set in these strange off-kilter worlds that aren’t that different from ours (one has fairies, another superheroes, another pocket-universes – the ideas flow originally and freely) but the emphases is always on story and character (as I think it rightly should be). Stands out for me was the opening story The Summer People – featuring fairies and female friendship and escapism and Two Houses a tight Kubrick-esque thriller (think 2001: A Space Odyssey) with some neat artistic and philosophical questions thrown in around mirrors and doubles, the real and unreal. My only criticism would be that some stories outstayed their welcome, but I have a bias towards the ‘short’ in short stories, otherwise they never failed to entertain, question and above all leave me wondering.

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