of your aunty. 


‘you have the hips of your aunty’ 

now long gone

told to me ten years after i needed to hear it

ten years after i tried to hide it 

ten years after I tried to deny it


in the fuzzy hazy grey

i remember wide eyes

glossy like marbles 

i remember the empty space 

where our plant pot 

taken as collateral for an unpaid taxi fare

once stood 

i remember raised 

strained voices

the sound of flip flops fast approaching 

i remember laughter


i remember lapa

tied tightly 


but no hips. 


‘you have the hips of your aunty’ 

now long gone.  

Naima is a twenty five year old London-based amateur photographer, muddling through her twenties, dipping her toe back into the creative pool she willingly swam in as a child. She hopes to use her creative outlets as a way to connect with herself and others. 


Most recently, Naima and her friend have launched RECLAIMED.collective, a collaborative venture created to inspire others to reclaim their bodies and mind after trauma and mental distress. 


You can find her on Instagram: @n_fow 

And her collaborative venture: @reclaimed.collective



If you have a tiny narrative to share please get in touch at thetinynarrative@gmail.com