Selected flash fiction published both online and in print


Why is a cross a kiss?

Published in 404 Ink's fourth issue on the theme of 'ink'. Why is a cross a kiss? is a meditation on language, crushes and kisses. 

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I Have My Mother's Eyes

Published by Jellyfish Review as part of their 'Lady Monsters' season — an update on one of the most notorious female monster myths and turns the gaze back on to the world we find ourselves in today.

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A response to Flight Journal’s third issue centred around the theme of the city, isolation and togetherness. A quiet, playful story on what it means to share a living space within the confines and limitations of the city.

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Kid's Drawing

Do You Remember When We First Met?

Published on Dear Damsels for their theme on 'Remembrance' — a flash fiction for my best friend whom I’ve known for forever — a musing on the essence of memory, the stories we like to tell ourselves and first meetings.


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