An astounding collection of short stories filled with memorable and rich characters. As Adichie’s famous TED Talk says, there is danger in a single story, and here Adichie offers us a plethora of stories, some set in Nigeria, others in the US, some part way between. There are many notable stories here, the title work The Thing Around Your Neck addr...

A dystopian novel like no other.

Whatever I imagine, it is something else.

Told in the shortest of segments charting an unnamed woman's journey north to escape the rising flood that overtakes the U.K. — fleeing with her husband and newborn baby they travel north, meeting other refugees along the way and taking shelter where they can find it. Unlike a...

My first caveat for reading this book: for god's sake don't read it when you're hungry. Ruby Tandoh has a way with words that makes you start salivating right from the introduction. In it, Tandoh sets out her aim: to change the way we eat, not in any good food/bad food mindset or clean eating mantras, but through shifting the paradigm through which...

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